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Big Al

The Almighty Dollar, or Big Al for short, has a personality that is larger than life, and pockets that are even larger. Big Al is reminiscent of a classic oil tycoon mixed with Theodore Roosevelt, so a real man's man. He is the god that modern humans idolize more than anything: MONEY. He is the most adaptive and innovative of all of the other gods. He shares his ingenuity with his peers, for a price. He is always making deals and looking to streamline every aspect of a god’s life. 

Big Al’s influence has reached every facet of the Plains, often without anyone really noticing. He, his company, and all their subsidiaries have their hand in everything, including the trafficking of human souls. Big Al absorbs the followers of dead religions and redistributes them among other religions, for a fee of course. So far, his business deals have gone unchecked. Minor religions, myths, and legends fear Big Al’s invisible hand, while displaced Human souls are growing more restless in the afterlives they never wanted. 

Big Al drives big picture, macro-level conflicts that will trickle down to disrupt the Academy and the Gang’s lives. He’s not projected to make a major appearance until at least season 2. He’s a series villain, much like the Firelord was the series villain in Avatar the Last Airbender. 



Tac is an outcast in his own way. Gothic and mysterious, like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, Tac is the cunning son of Big Al. He is suave and quiet with a bit of an androgynous flair. He keeps his cards close to his chest and proves to be a sly business mogul in the making; tempting his victims with offers too good to be true. When making a deal with Tac is it important to read the fine print, if not, get ready to get screwed!

Unlike his father, Tac is an immediate adversary for the Gang. A student at the rival, Private Institute, Tac shows up at the worst times, often competing for the same opportunities and setting up obstacles to make sure the Gang fails. There is something about this ragtag group that intimidates Tac. Especially CJ.

Perhaps the Gang might actually disrupt the status quo. Or perhaps he's overestimating them. Either way, he's not going to give them any room to upturn his privileged life.

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She is the queen of the Underworld, but not by choice. She was abducted by her uncle Hades when she was young and forced to marry him by her father Zeus. She is a vengeful woman and has every right to be. Life has been difficult for her. She hasn’t had much say in how she gets to lead her life. She is bored, lonely, and powerless. She lashes out on others in order to feel like she has some control. She causes trouble for the Gang when they catch her in an affair with one of their classmates, a scandal that leads to public humiliation and disgrace. She’s been seeking revenge ever since.


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