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Cthulhu Jr., or CJ as he is better known, is the god of....well, he doesn’t know. He’s the product of a horror fiction short story turned mythology. He is new. Brand new. What is his purpose? Why should people follow him? Believe in him? What is he meant for? His own father doesn't even seem to know. According to his father, Cthulhu Sr. (and their creator H.P Lovecraft), they were created for one purpose--destroy humanity.

But Cthulhu Jr. loves humanity. 

As much as he tries to learn how to destroy, manifest chaos, and conjure fear from even the bravest souls, Cthulhu Jr. is no good at being evil. To make things even more confusing, he has a massive crush on Sheena, falling for her almost instantly. He’ll never leave the friendzone out of fear of ruining their friendship.

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Sheena is the goddess of rational thought and one of the forgotten daughters of the Hindu god Shiva the Destroyer. She is studious, clever, and refuses to tolerate anything less than perfect. She’s a bit of an anarchist. Sheena enjoys trying to dismantle institutions and structures she views as flawed. Sheena takes her destiny very seriously. She’s determined to be one of the Greats and devoted to the wellbeing of Humans. Sheena will not compromise on what she thinks is best for Humanity.

As far as her relationship with the boys goes, she thinks they're all idiots. But as much as she pretends to be annoyed by their boyish antics, she loves them. They slowly grow on her and become the best friends she could have asked for--not that she asked for them. She likes being needed, appreciated, and accepted for who she is--even if she would never admit it to the boys, let alone herself. She is also fully aware of CJ crush on her, and tries ignoring it in the hopes it fade out on its own. 



Kuna is all about good vibes and good times. Life should be joyous, adventurous, and full of love! He is love-able and likable; confident and daring. He makes the Gang feel like anything is possible, especially CJ who appreciates Kuna’s friendship the most. Kuna’s crazy antics are often enabled by the always supportive Lil G, and delightfully tolerated by the ever-critical Sheena. Kuna is typically the instigator for most of the Gang’s misadventures. His plans may not always be well thought out, but his innate athleticism and charisma is enough to help the Gang slip out of trouble.

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Lil G

Lil G is a Bodhisattva praised for his open-mindedness. He is unflinchingly kind, courteous, and supportive. Lil G’s mind is one of a kind. In times of conflict, Lil G always has a profound and wise answer. Although sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s really wisdom or something so weird that the Gang are tricked into thinking it is wise. 

No. It’s wisdom. Lil G is very wise...I think.

Let’s move on! 

Whether wise or spewing utter nonsense, Lil G has a talent for making others stop, think, and take in all possibilities. Sheena and Lil G often compete for the voice of reason which inevitably makes them both unreasonable. Where Sheena’s reasoning focuses more on results and concrete answers, Lil G believes answers are hidden in the process.


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