The leader of the pack is the beautiful and wickedly smart Angela, an angel sanctifying fertility, femininity, and chastity. Angela is the most ambitious of the Elites. She runs her life as if she is running for office. Always impeccably dressed, strategic, and well-spoken, Angela is always looking to upgrade her brand and increase her following. This is why she’s dating Hercules, the big man on campus.

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Hercules is the prideful, not-so-bright captain of the Jai Alai team, the most popular sport on the Plains. He is dashing, daring, and 100% NOT GAY! Why would anybody think that? He’s always puffing his chest and asserting his dominance as if he has something to prove, or something to hide. He tries really hard to be a good boyfriend to Angela, and relieved she’s made a vow of chastity. He feels the most himself when with his best friend Samson, the second strongest Jai Alai player on the team.



Medusa is the most vengeful and villainous of the group. She is not naive to the world and wants to punish the world as she has been punished. She admires Angela and tries so hard to snake her way past Delilah as Angela’s right hand woman. She is deeply insecure about her appearance. Who wants to date a woman with snakes for hair and a look that kills. Literally. For example, Medusa was crushing on David real hard when her sunglasses fell off and he turned to stone. She gave up on love ever since that day, until she met CJ in their “Death and Destruction” class they have together.

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Samson thinks it's a little weird that Hercules keeps insisting on wrestling naked, but he’s not one to judge other people’s cultures. Of all the members of the Elites, Samson is the one the Gang actually likes. He is the most down to Earth and universally kind. Samson is very aware of his “token” status among his friend group. They always say something that borderline crosses the line, but he knows that they have his back. Right? He has a hard time reconciling the perks of being an Elite with his feeling of being an “other.” Samson’s confusion is amplified by his on-again-off-again relationship with Delilah.



Delilah  is Samson’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and very much the jealous type. She expects Samson to be at her constant beck and call. She often takes Samson’s loyalty and devotion for granted. Their relationship is toxic and codependent. Even the other Elites worry about their relationship, but it’s not their place to say anything. Delilah has a habit of betraying him for the most trivial matters, leaving the mighty Samson vulnerable and heartbroken. Delilah always apologizes, promising to do better, and Samson unable to imagine being with anyone else falls back into her arms, only to be hurt again. She's Angela's confidant and closest friend. She loves Angela and Medusa like sisters, but if any of them looks at Samson the wrong way, they better watch out!



Susano, the final member of the Elites, is the Japanese Shinto god of the oceans. He forced his way into their friend group. In all honesty, he should have graduated centuries ago, but his impulsivity and immaturity keeps holding him back. He is impulsive, immature, hot-headed, spiteful, and jealous. Nobody really likes him, but because he’s a founding family member of the Shinto religion, the Elites learn to tolerate him. Of the Elites, Susano is definitely the Wild Card.


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