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Nicole Ohara is an actor, writer, and aspiring showrunner from Los Angeles, California. Nicole has an interdisciplinary background in entertainment, academia, and advocacy. She grew up in the Los Angeles area as a child actor, booking small commercial and print jobs. However, when she attended college, Nicole chose to branch away from the arts and try her hand at becoming a doctor—a career move her Japanese mother was very happy about. 

Nicole attended Truman State University and graduated in 2019 as Valedictorian with dual degrees in Health Science and Theatre. While in academia Nicole worked as a research assistant, co-authored several peer-reviewed research articles, created health communications materials for the US Virgin Islands, and advocated for health education reforms to U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill. She also proudly earned her credentials as a Certified Health Education Specialist.

Despite building foundations in a promising career in health education, Nicole recognized that her dreams didn’t lie there. Nicole Ohara is an artist through and through. Upon graduation from university, Nicole returned to her roots in Los Angeles where she is currently training at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio Professional Conservatory Program. 

As one of the creators of Myth Illogical, she values the lessons learned from her time in research including finding credible information, studying and practicing cultural competency, and translating what she’s learned to the people who need it the most. These skills, married with her background as an artist, have set Nicole on a mission to create entertainment that serves to heal her audiences. She hopes that Myth Illogical can introduce people to cultures outside of their own, expose how structural inequalities work, and explore how we as a society can empower ourselves to create a better future.



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