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Mythopolis City

A uniquely diverse metropolis where gods from all religions live side by side as roommates, next-door neighbors, and even lovers, Mythopolis City is the cultural, economic, and political epicenter of the Plains. As diverse as Mythopolis City is, it is also heavily divided. Monumental walls surround the city to make sure wandering Humans remain outside of its borders. The closer to the gates of Mythopolis City, the poorer the city becomes. Meanwhile, the wealthy and powerful deities of the Plains live in Mythopolis City's upper tier, a section of the city built on top of the Spiritual Union building (the Plain's equivalent to the United Nations).


The Academy 

The Academy is an Ancient university located in the heart of Mythopolis City. An institution as old as the city itself, it is where young adult Gods come to train and prepare for their role in saving humanity. The Academy was built by the original religions, many of which are now extinct. The Academy was created to promote unity and understanding among ancient warring religions and mythos. The Academy's moto: "Unleashing the divine within you."


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