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Always on the road, you won’t be able to find Ginny in one place for too long. Born and raised in Mexico from Italian parents she splits her time working and living between Italy, Mexico, and Los Angeles.

Like many children of the early 90s, she grew up watching Pixar and Disney classics on the big screen, witnessing their pioneering works ​change the animation landscape. 

Having always been that kid that just needed some crayons and a piece of paper to be happy, she studied visual arts all throughout high school with the dream of becoming an animator. Realizing that path wasn’t really for her, she decided to pursue her love for art in other ways.

Shortly before graduating from a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage from University of Bologna (Italy) – mainly focusing her studies in Ancient Civilizations’ Archaeology and Art History – she got the chance to learn more about the art industry by interning at a small but well-established contemporary art gallery, working alongside its curator, and attending some renowned Italian art fairs.

After graduating at the end of 2018, she moved to Los Angeles to study Business and Management of Entertainment at UCLA Extension. Diving deep into the entertainment industry she learned by studying among professionals, working on short films and independent features, and interning at a VR production company. That experience exposed her to a fascinating new medium with the potential to merge a wide range of disciplines of her interest: from animation, to fine arts, storytelling, and even archaeology and education.

Now, after graduating from her certificate program in LA, she continues to travel and work as a freelance producer. Always trying to make art, entertainment, and new technologies come together, experimenting with new ways of creating meaningful content. 


Twitter: @ginevraatti

Instagram: @ginevraatti


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