Giada Fornello

 Lead Concept Artist

Giada Fornello was born in Novafeltria, Italy. She grew up in Cesate (MI) until the age of 11, when she moved with her mother to Novafeltria (RN). From the time Giada was very young, her imagination was vivid. She would spend hours drawing, always immersed in her own world, and losing track of time. For Giada, the simplest pencil would come to embody the most powerful means of expression through which she would learn how to make her voice heard. 
After obtaining her High School diploma at the Tonino Guerra institute in Novafeltria, she decided to study Languages and Literature at Unibo in Bologna. Although her main field of study focused on English and French linguistics, philology, and literature, Giada also included in her study plan a few modules relating to film studies, graphic novels, and the history of the Anglo-American culture. These studies fostered the creation of a rich and evocative cultural reservoir that would inspire her artworks; the more Giada learned, the more she wished she could retell those stories through her drawings.

After three years at Unibo, she graduated with her Bachelor's degree and later enrolled in the "Modern, Comparative and Postcolonial Literature'' Master's programme. Thanks to the Erasmus programme offered by her home University, she had the opportunity to fly to Canterbury (UK) in September 2018, where she remained for 9 months: apart from the academic results she achieved at the University of Kent, the Erasmus experience allowed Giada to meet other European students and visit other regions in the UK. She graduated from her Master's program in March 2020 as the Coronavirus Pandemic exploded in Italy. While the world paused around her and opportunities froze, Giada spent her time in lockdown building her portfolio and honing her skills. She was determined to emerge from quarantine as a professional illustrator.

She started her collaboration with Matthew Ip Shaw, Nicole Dunseith, and Ginevra Atti to bring the concept of "Myth Illogical" alive. As the show's key character designer and illustrator, Giada hopes to convey the emotions and struggles of the main characters through her artworks.

Instagram: @sketchesratata


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