Myth Illogical will be made up of thirteen thirty minute episodes per season. Each episode does not necessarily continue the plot from previous episodes, but the themes and subject matter may carry over to the next.


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Season One

CJ, a freshman at the Academy, must adjust to university life and discover who he is. His father's
legacy as an evil god precedes CJ at the Academy and he's constantly trying to prove himself
under his father's shadow. Despite all his efforts, CJ fails to be evil time and time again. Through
many adventures with his friends, CJ discovers a hidden power. He has the ability to create and
regenerate life, even creating his own lifeform. Coming to terms with who he is, CJ comes out to
his father as good.


Episode #1: Welcome To The Academy

It’s the first day of the Academy, and the students are moving in. CJ receives a mysterious box, opens it, and accidentally unleashes an ancient, evil parasite. The parasite invades Kuna, who just moved in next door. Meanwhile, Sheena commandeers Lil G’s room in the “boy’s only” dorm as a part of a live-in protest. Coming to Lil G’s rescue, Kuna argues against Sheena’s protest. Tempers flare, and the parasite erupts from Kuna’s body. The parasite invades Sheena and Lil G, leaving CJ to save the day. Only CJ can reopen the box to return the parasite from whence it came, but only if he can prove himself worthy... Can CJ get over his crippling insecurities to step up and save his new friends?

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Death of a Sales Rep

CJ prepares for the arrival of his first follower. The welcome room is completely deserted and absolutely not ready. Dust and cobwebs cover the room. His friends help him. His dad calls to congratulate. He gets the room ready enough as it's going to be with the resources that he has. He meets his follower and then TAC shows up to collect him. Apparently when CJ signed the contract he had agreed to giving up his rights to his first follower. “Next time you should check the fine print.” “FU—“ blackout. TAC steals CJ follower, and the gang fall victim to a broken system first hand.

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