Code of Conduct

1. No Hatemongering

We will remove any post or comment that argues that an entire religion or cultural group commits actions or holds beliefs that would cause reasonable people to consider violence justified against the group.

2. Be Civil

All Posts and comments must not attack individuals or groups. We will remove posts and comments that show disdain or scorn towards individuals or groups. While we understand that things can get heated, it is better for the quality of debate for people to combat arguments and not the persons making them.

3. Discussion not Debate

This forum is meant to educate and spread information about religions, myths, and legends. Discussions are welcomed, and some may become passionate and excited, but there must be a sense of mutual understanding and respect among members. Debating implies argument and a "right" answer or perspective. Posts may be deleted if they incite argument or debate. There are plenty of external forums outside of Myth Illogical that are more suited for debating. 

4. No False Information

All posts and comments must be researched and contribute to the education and celebration of religions, myths, and legends. False information about religions, myths, and legends, especially those posted with malicious intent, will be deleted. This is a place for cultural learning. 

5. No Spamming 

Any users caught deliberately advertising their own content without participating in the community in any other form will be deleted. 

6. Don't be a Troll

Anything that is meant to cause divisive conflict is against the spirit of a calm, nuanced dialogue and is strictly prohibited. This explicitly includes straw-manning, stereotyping, gaslighting and more.


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