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Consisting of CJ, Sheena, Kuna, and Lil G, the Gang is our show's band of misfits. They are young, inexperienced, and ready to prove themselves to the world.

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The Elites are the “who’s who” of the Academy. They represent everything the Gang wishes they could be and everything they hate about the Plains (needles politics, ego, pettiness, superficiality). This group is made up of some of the most famous gods across major religions and mythologies.  The Elites are sure to make life at the Academy more difficult for the Gang.

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When the Elites aren't making everyday life harder for the Gang, these villains are here to make sure the Gang never succeeds.

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Trying to change the powers that be while a full-time student is challenging, especially with obstacles like the Elites, Big Al, Tac, and Persephone in their way. CJ, Kuna, Lil G, and Sheena can’t do it alone. When times get tough, they have their Allies they can go to.

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