Kolichiyaw (Chich)

Koli-chiyaw, or Chich (pronounced Cheech), comes from Native American origins meaning “skunk.” Chich is a shaman god and the Gang’s Student Advisor at the dorms of the Academy. He’s a trusted peer who’s been at the Academy for a few decades. Chich is an alchemy prodigy, a healer, and a dealer of many things. You need something, he’s probably got a stash in his room somewhere. Medicine, totems, charms, weapons against evil, good luck ceremonies, and rituals. Whatever you need he’s got it! Chich always welcomes the gang into his cozy hideout, pours them a cup of tea, and gives them the best tool to fix their situation (all within the parameters of the Academy rules of course).

His ceremonial neckpiece has been passed down from shaman to shaman for thousands of years, storing the wisdom of his ancestors. He welcomes the advice of his elders but the burden of having hundreds of voices in his head trying to guide him takes a toll on Chich.  Filtering through the confusion leaves Chich with manic depression.

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Beelzebub is the Gang’s most trusted, nihilistic ally. Famously known as one of the Princes of the Devil, he is the Gang’s Human Afterlife instructor. Beelzubub knows what it is like to fight evil having been evil himself. Exhausted by the politics of being the Devil’s advisor, he retired from evil and devoted his eternity to help young Gods choose better paths for themselves. The Gang often comes to him for advice for obstacles that seem too big for them to handle.

Despite his conversion to the light, Beelzebub is still cynical, jaded, and a general curmudgeon. 



Academy Librarian

Dembe is the genderless librarian of the Academy and a god of gender. They are a kind and gentle giant. Dembe is a powerful confidant for the Gang and a great guide when they need it. However, Dembe does not hesitate to tell the Gang hard truths. Overall, they promote self-expression and finding one's joy without expectation or judgment. Dembe celebrates everything about an individual, which is wonderful and uplifting but can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming when the Gang is in a hurry and are really just there to do some quick research.

Dembe walks with their roots and doesn't have arms, but the scarves on their branches can serve as multiple arms that can wrap objects to grab things. They are inspired by the Baobab trees from the African savannas.



Lil G's cousin

She is the speaker for inner peace (even if it lasts only for a second). She is Lil G’s cousin. She is older and is a great mediation partner. Lil G goes to her at times he feels lost, unable to cope with his own emotions, or unable to see the bigger picture. To an outsider, their conversations seem like gibberish and full of nonsensical riddles. “Does not the water flow west when the moon sets in the east? That is its path.” Stuff like this. (It should be noted that if Sheena was there to hear this, she would have pointed out that the moon sets in the west.) After a visit with Ji-woo, the gang leaves feeling rejuvenated, focused, and at peace, if not predominantly confused.

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