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Since the dawn of man, humans created religions to solve their problems and answer life’s unanswerable questions: 

Where do we go when we die? What is the sound of one hand clapping? What happened to the murder hornets? Seriously, where did they go? But have Humans ever considered the Gods are still trying to figure out their own lives?  

Myth Illogical takes place on the Plains, a bustling home to every god, myth, and legendary character, old and new ever conceived by Humans. On this island-world hovering in a dimension above what Humans call, the “Bermuda Triangle,” the Gods take part in a rat race of their own. Clocking into their boring office jobs to file for “miracles” is monotonous. Dating is a losing battle when everyone looks like Adonis. And the incessant prayers buzzing in their ears makes salvaging some quiet moment for some quality “me time” impossible! #godproblems 

The Plains are run by a simple economy: the more followers a religion has, the more powerful they are.  Major religions and mythologies benefit the most from this economy, while others face extinction. A God exists as long as at least one living Human believes in them. They “die” when the last Human to remember them passes away. So while a few Gods strive for fame and glory, most are just struggling to survive.

Myth Illogical follows a gang of four misfit, lesser-Gods - Cthulhu Jr., Kuna, Lil G, and Sheena - as they begin their training at the Academy, the Plains’ equivalent to Harvard. They have reached that phase in every God’s life where they must shape what the rest of their eternities will look like. Do they settle for mediocrity, or do they strive to become one of the Greats? At the Academy, the Gang learns how to hone their talents, are exposed to Gods from all religious backgrounds, and face seemingly insurmountable obstacles while making incredible alliances and formidable enemies along the way. They do all that, while still finding time to study for their Human Afterlife finals. In a system where success and survival are dependent on their number of followers, how will these losers break free from their minor god status?

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